encouragework with Scaling Up

As your team matures, you will look to elevate your level of planning. The Scaling Up tools provide an unique set of tools that go beyond "the basics".

Here are some examples which are included in encouragework as Templates under "My Team" > "Documents."

WWW: Who What When This tool is useful for getting a handle on your process. Who in your organization does (or should) perform What tasks, and When?
SWT This document is a variation of the traditional "SWOT" analysis. Strengths. Weaknesses. Trends. Rather than looking at what opportunitites are available to the Team and what Threats are present, the SWT encourages Teams to think in a broader sense. After all, a rising (or sinking) tide tends to raise (or lower) all ships.

The Process Accountability Chart. This in some ways seems like a variant of the WWW document, but is really aimed at drilling down to specific measurable results associated with individual processes within your organizaiton.

Identify the processes that drive your business.

Assign someone specific accountability for each process.

List Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each process (Better, Faster, Cheaper)


The Function Accountability Chart examines functions (or roles) across the organization.

At each stop along the way, you break down the specific individuals who "own" a particular function, define how they can be evaluated with a quantititative measure, and set a specific financial target result to be achieved based on identified improvement areas.

CASh The CASh tool is designed around breaking down your "order to cash" cycle in an effort to squeeze out any unnecessary steps or waste in the process. Cash is the lifeblood of the organization and if it can flow a little more readily, there is significant upside opportunity to the organization.
Power of One This tool helps you look at various aspects of the business and perform a sensitivity analysis. For example, what would be the impact on the company's performance if there were a 1% price increase; or what is the impact of a 1% decrease in Cost of Goods Sold. And on and on. This is a good discipline to exercise on a periodic basis as sloppiness tends to creep in when we are not diligent in managing down to the details. In order to exercise this tool, you will require a well structured chart of accounts, faith in your numbers and some creativity!
7 Strata This is perhaps the most powerful Scaling Up tool as it helps Teams pinpoint key differentiators both for how they operate internally and how they attempt to position themselves in the market.


To learn more about these specific tools, you are encouraged to visit the Scaling Up site.

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