The encouragework platform blends decades of business experience with best-in-class practices into a single, easy-to-use platform.

Work ON your business, not just IN your business.

Some of our inspirations include:

We have blended decades of business experience, feedback from hundreds of teams & thousands of users and the teachings of these excellent and inspired authors and business leaders into the encouragework maturity model.


  • Manage multiple Teams with overlapping team members
  • Set and track your Initiatives (aka Rocks or Goals)
  • Identify and manage Issues
  • Schedule and manage weekly or monthly Team meetings
  • Accountability with personalized and team ToDos
  • Create Planning & Strategy Documents including popular business system templates
  • Create and track Key Performance Indicators (Monthly, Daily, Hourly)
  • Create and deploy Dashboards & Scoreboards
  • Create and distribute KPI Email Summaries to stakeholders
  • Integration with popular platforms such as QuickBooks, Google and CRMs is used by:

  • Small business owners
  • Executive management of mid-sized corporations
  • Executive directors of non-profit organizations
  • Business coaches, including Traction Implementers
  • Financial consultants
  • Large membership organizations. If you have a group of 250 or more member companies and would like to explore a "private label" experience, please contact us.

What does the typical subscriber look like? 

  • You lead some teams and you are a member of others.
  • You produce data. You consume data. You celebrate data. You stay up at night thinking about data.
  • You plan and periodically identify meaningful team and personal goals and push them forward.
  • You have a place to manage your "Important but Not Urgent" issues. This way your can keep focused on your daily tasks and still keep an eye on those things that tend to either grow into "urgent" issues when ignored or are forgotten about altogether, to the detriment of your organization and those you serve.
  • You assign relevant tasks both to yourself and others.
  • You have a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor how your team is performing.
  • You understand the difference between a "leading" and a "lagging" indicator.
  • You measure important quantities to watch them improve and to learn the relationships between various activities in your business.
  • You compare different pieces of information and try to manage the your business based on those relationships. Digging into ideas like "profit per widget" or "response time versus number of clients served" gets your juices flowing.
  • You plan. You strategize. You fill out SWOT charts and vision statements. You share your vision with anyone who will listen. You set multi-year, annual, quarterly, and monthly goals.
  • You selectively, securely, and easily share data with your stakeholders including your board members, investors, your spouse, your accountant, your coach, etc.
  • You think taking care of your team is very important and your team members may even make it a practice to pray for one another.
  • You have an easy way to create big-screen dashboards to tie things together for you and your team(s). You don't want to learn PowerPoint or how to program.
  • You have a daily email summary to tell you exactly what you need to know about your business without having to call three people, stop in at the office on your way home, or VPN in to see what is happening in the business.
  • You run a business that doesn't always fit nicely into a simple model. You want the flexibility to run your business your way and at the same time be able to take advantage of best practices without spending a fortune or paying another monthly fee with little return on your time or money.
  • You encourage and you work.

If this sounds like you, we want to help you encourage your team to get done the work that you (and they) have been called to perform.


Team Oriented, Weekly Meetings with Accountability, Meeting Notes, and Scoreboard

Teams meet regularly and check in for Accountability. View your Team's top handful of KPIs in your Scorecard. Track your ToDos for this week and next. Drag and Drop your ToDos. Make it happen.

Track Initiatives, with Optional ToDos

Healthy Teams set goals.

Sometimes we call them "Rocks".

Sometimes we call them Initiatives.

Regardless of what you call them, aim high and think ahead. Give each Initiative an owner and break the work down into manageable steps which as ToDos.

Identify and Manage Issues, with Optional ToDos

Obstacles? Opportunities? Track and Priortize them in encouragework.

During your Team meetings, review the Issues list. Discuss the issues. Propose Solutions. Assign ToDos. Hold one another accountable. Rinse and Repeat.


Manage multiple dashboards to keep all stakeholders informed. No login required!

Each Dashboard has a custom link and can contain multiple pieces of content. Each dashboard can be locked down to restrict access.

Select which components to include in your dashboard.

Mix and match KPIs, Open Initiatives, Custom URLs, Strategy Documents, ToDos, Countdown Timers, Social Media and Web analytics, Financial Progress and more.

Dashboards can be displayed on big screen TVs, on your mobile device, and even inside of other web applications.

Strategy and Planning Document Management

Manage your Team's documents easily in the WYSIWYG web editor.

Create your own documents or start with a Template from one of the popular business systems.

Want to re-use a document that you have created? No problem, save it as a Template.

KPI Email Summaries - operational summaries on-the-go

Use Email summaries to keep stakeholders informed without logins or other unnecessary burden. Push the data.

Each summary is customizable in terms of recipients, contents and schedule.

No more calling the office on the way back from a sales call to see how things went -- let the numbers speak and hold the team accountable.

Email arrives. Check the numbers. Press On.