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Getting Help

To get asistance with encouragework, you can read through our online content, you can submit a support request, or you can send an email to

QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks integration is available for QuickBooks "Desktop" and "Enterprise."

Please contact us if you have an interest in QBO integrations.

Using the encouragework API

Using the encouragework API, you can connect any number of disparate systems together.

Using the API requires some basic programming knowledge. The model is pretty straightforward:

  1. Establish a new API Key under the "My Account" section of the encouragework platform.
  2. Assign to the API Key the specific Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data requiring access. By associating a single API Key with a particular partner and/or application, you have granular control. A best practice is to use a separate API Key for each partner you work with. That way, if you need to revoke a Key (yes, that happens sometimes), it is a very simple process, and you do not need to disrupt any of your other integrations.
  3. Use the API in our programming language of choice to exchange data with the encouragework servers.
  4. Rinse and repeat.

Common Usage Scenarios

Sharing Raw Data

You may want to provide access to a specific KPI to a partner organization to read raw data. This data can then be used in the partner's application.

Recording Data from SQL Database

Let's say you have an operational database which tracks day-to-day data about your business and you want to extract a specific subset of this data to chart and manage in encouragework. Using the language of your choice, you can perform the appropriate SQL queries to extract data and then use the encouragework API to ingest the data to your encouragework account.

Custom Dashboards

If you want to build a totally unique and custom dashboard for your business, you may want to incorporate some of the data residing in your encouragework account. Using the flexibile API, you can slice and dice the data to represent it any manner you can imagine.

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