encouragework with Traction EOS

Implementing Traction/EOS* is best done with an experienced Traction Implementer. However, with or without an Implementer, the encourgework platform can amplify the benefits of EOS. This article shows you how.

The Traction/EOS process includes a number of "tools," each downloadable from the EOS Worldwide site.

Traction/EOS Tool, Practice or Concept encouragework.com
Multiple Teams: a healthy organization will have multiple Traction teams throughout, each executing the EOS principles. Under "My Team," create each required Team and invite appropriate Team Members to each respective Team.
Manage the Vision Traction Organizer (V/TO)

Under "My Team," select "Documents."

Create a new V/TO from the V/TO template.

Identify, Discuss, Solve (IDS)

Under "My Team," select "Issues."

Any Team Member may record an Issue. Optionally, a "value" may be assigned for prioritization.

During each meeting (Level 10 or quarterly meetings), review the Issues list. Discuss the Issues among the team and propose solutions.

Assign ToDos to various Team Members as appropriate.

Weekly Meetings

Under "My Team," select "Meeting."

This allows your team to do the following:

Record general meeting notes.

Manage and Review Scorecards in either tabular or chart format.

Manage and Review ToDos for both "This Week's" meeting and "Next Week's" meeting. In this way you can easily move ToDos between this week and next without the need to copy and paste documents.

Drag and drop ToDos between Team Members as required to balance the weekly workload.

Click through ToDos to adjust the date if a ToDo needs to be pushed out to a later period of time.

Use the navigation controls to toggle back and forth between meetings.

Company and Personal Rocks

Under "My Team", select Initiatives

Record each Initiative your Team is aiming to achieve this planning cycle.

Assign an Owner.

Optionally assign one or more ToDos to support the Initiative (Rock).

Initiatives may be published via Dashboards to share the Rocks with a broader audience.

Additional Custom Experiences

Every team is unique. Your team may want to track additional information during your weekly meeting, which is not explicitly part of the Traction/EOS experience. In order to do this, create one or more Documents under the "My Team" > "Documents" tab.

During your weekly meetings, click through to this document in either a read-only mode or in edit-mode so you can update the document as appropriate.

Working with Outside Stakeholders

Your V/TO, Scorecards, and other key information may be shared in a secure and discreet manner with external people such as:

Traction Implementers


Management Consultants

Key Shareholders/Spouse

These individuals do not need to be "Team Members" in order to have access to this information. In order to share with these important stakeholders, navigate to "My Team" > "Dashboards."

Define a new Dashboard and add relevant items to the dashboard. These items may include zero or more of the following:

  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Documents such as your V/TO, quarterly Rocks, etc.
  • Links to custom HTML dashboards
  • Countdown timer for an upcoming event such as a grand opening or product launch


For more specifics on executing Traction/EOS with encourage work, visit Platform Business Systems.

*Traction, Entreprenuerial Operating System, EOS are the property of EOS Worldwide.

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