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After a few false starts and a couple of the terrible "back to the drawing board" experiences, we are pleased to announce the limited availability of the encouragework platform. 

We aim to help you improve your team and to be an integral part of moving your team forward.

We are not an online real-time collaboration platform, though we help people get more done together.

We are not a social network, though through our community we assist people learn more about how to run their organization and move closer to their objectives.

We are not a business intelligence (BI) platform, though our flexibile Key Performance Indicator (KPI) capabilities will get your attention and help you bring data together without the drama associated with complex applications. Think Google Docs versus Excel. (copyright their respective and respected owners, by the way).

We are actually a lot of cool things--read more about our story here.

If you would like an invitation to join the encouragework community, please contact us.

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